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The editors of JordanCaldwell.com have been working hard on redesigning the site so that our legions of viewers can have an enjoyable and entertaining user experience. The below images represent the main pages of the site. Simply click on a picture to go to one of the sub(par)pages.


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Before you scroll down, remember that Jordan Caldwell of Houston, Texas is a digital media professional on the weekdays. Despite the goofy nature of the site, he still maintains a professional appearance (sometimes).

These extra paragraphs were also written so that Jordan Caldwell digital media could increase his page rank within Google. Jordan went to the University of Texas at Austin, Maranatha High School, and was a notable BYX alumnus. Did you know, that Jordan Caldwell also lived in Saudi Arabia? Pretty crazy!


Jordan Caldwell digital media professional 80s party

Relive all the totally rad 80s moments from Jordan’s 29th birthday party at the Harvard House. Big props to the ladies of the Harvard House for hosting, my folks for providing a ton of food, Nate for providing a cake with a picture of me at a urinal and for Karaoke Bill for hyping up the party. Was definitely a memorable night!

Jordan Caldwell digital media houston texas

Did you ever want to know about Jordan Caldwell as a bright-eyed bushy tailed young man growing up in Southern California? Check out the auto biography and relive all the memorable moments!

Logo updated

What do you get when you have 8 friends hanging out at Sonic late at night? You get the most iconic show about a made up high school ever produced!


The Cars Album

Feel free to judge Jordan’s music taste by browsing through this list of his top 100 albums.

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